The Little Entrepreneur

There is No Formula


I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.
- Former US President Woodrow Wilson

Our Methodology
Using a Socratic teaching method, TLE encourages creativity through questions and problem solving scenarios. To further foster the learning process, games and activities that require group interaction is used so that students can learn to use each others strengths.

Tailored Workshops:

From “Design Thinking” to “Web 3.0″, we have the workshops that will keep your students wondering about the world and eager to study to get a jumpstart in business.

Workshops are actually tailored to your school’s specific needs, whether it is to integrate entrepreneurship education in the student’s project work, events management, setting-up and running of cooperatives or the incubation of commercially viable products and services that students are able to create.

While economic values of entrepreneurship and associated skills are touched upon, TLE’s focus is on inspiring and cultivating entrepreneurial behavioural traits. For above all, an entrepreneur is not someone with a set of skills but is someone who is a lifelong achiever, always learning, always challenging the norm and always believing that things can be better.

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