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tle mug The Little Entrepreneur (TLE) Pte Ltd (小小企業家)is a Singapore based educational consultancy that has been designing workshops and coaching young students throughout Asia since 2002. Our clients include schools and companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and the Philippines.

Steeped in the belief that each person is capable and valuable, TLE’s learning process is specifically designed to tap into the multiple intelligences of each individual as espoused by Howard Gardner. While there are mini-lectures held in our workshops, most learning takes place through games and activities that require group interaction and personal reflection.

For promising projects, we believe that nothing beats real world experience. So whether in writing a workable business plan and pitching to angel investors OR in the actual development and sale of their product and/or service, TLE will see to it that the students get to hone their character and stretch their abilities while learning as many new skills as possible. In fact, before it came into vogue, TLE helped Rosyth School students create, design, raise funds (the kids actually pitched their ideas themselves) and market 3 board games back in 2003. After a very successful bid which included coverage by the Straits Times, others followed suit.

Finally, although entrepreneurship is tied to economics, TLE’s foremost aim in its workshops is actually to inspire and cultivate entrepreneurial behavioural traits. Why? Far from someone simply with a set of business skills, we believe an entrepreneur is a person who succeeds because he / she is resilent, resourceful, decisive, and above all, able to see and work out what is invisible and seemingly impossible to others.

As of June 2018, over 18,000 students have experienced a spike in their entrepreneurial quotient, successfully tapping and stretching their creativity, critical thinking and social skills to solve complex problems under duress and with very limited resources. And every year we look forward to meeting & helping more of them.

Would you like us to help your students gain the same confidence outside the classroom? Drop us an email ( or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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